CBSE Mathematics Question Paper - 2012

  • Practice makes a man perfect. In case of Mathematics, students have to practice regularly. Note down all the important formulas on chart and paste it somewhere in your study room. Learn these regularly and also test in written on a paper.
  • Written practice is must, if you are just learning something and not doing practice in written, You may forget it or make mistake. So written practice will help you to find your mistake and you will not repeat that again.
  • Don’t start your paper immediately after receiving it, first read it carefully, give little time to think band then start.
  • Don’t waste your time in solving repeated questions and use your time effectively.
  • Tension always lowers the mind power. So don’t let the stress to overpower you. Sleep well and take proper rest.
  • Some students attempt paper serial wise, its good but if you don’t know a particular question don’t attempt it and mark that one with it as un attempted. It is advised to attempt only those in which you are more confident. This will not only save your time but also make you confident and minimize your stress.
  • Don’t be scared of the exams, Board exams are not different; these are just like your school exams. Just do your best and don’t worry for the results. · Avoid cutting and leave proper gap in between the answers.
  • Do more and more practice of sample papers with proper time management.
  • Put correct question number in front of your answer.
  • Proper planning is required for attempting the board examination to score 100%. So plan it well before
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